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GST employs many talented and experienced software developers.  We are a tight-knit group who have worked in agile teams for many years together.  Our expertise spans many roles, languages & platforms.


A basic list of roles we provide are:


A basic list of languages & platforms that we work are:

We are both constrained and empowered by a rigorous development process including:

  • Product Management Process

  • Product Development Process

  • Product QA Process

  • Release & Deployment Process

  • Development Systems Leveraging & Implementation Process

  • Source Code Repository & Version Control Process

  • Cloud & Server Infrastructure Review Process

  • Development Support Management Process

As you’ve see in other sections of our website, we work in the venture space creating software, among other services.  


As part of this Software Creating Service, we make our team available to companies who desire both specialty development assistance and ongoing staff augmentation to expand their throughout and achieve compressed deadlines without having to permanently take on additional workforce payroll burden.  


Some of the companies that we work with are:

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