Golden Section Technology’s Product Management Team plans a recommended course of action for your R&D organization that considers urgency, importance, customer impact and resource optimization. Your Team will capitalize on the benefit of a roadmap that will set expectations for timely output at required quality level and desired expense.  For your Sales team, this predictable output will increase your R&D team’s dependability and accelerate revenue.

Could Your Sales Team Bring in 20% More Revenue With a Dependably Executed Product Roadmap?

Your ROI


A properly constructed Roadmap matches product vision with R&D resources (personnel & time)

Making Notes

Underlying process of Product Management improves efficiency and high-quality output


Appraisal of initiative dependencies, insight into R&D team capacity and analysis of personnel throughput ensures timely execution


Maximizing your R&D team's throughput, improves deployment velocity and accelerates Revenue

12 Key Areas of Optimization

Product Functional Roadmap Considerations
  • Product Market Fit

  • Maintain or create proprietary value stack 

  • Key product features to support business model

  • Customer impact

  • ROI analysis

  • Technical readiness levels (feasibility, cost, risks)

  • Dependencies, sequence optimization

Product Technical Roadmap Considerations
  • Tech stack modernization & upgrade

  • Technical debt reduction

  • Performance improvement

  • Robustness, reliability, scalability and interoperability improvement

  • Security



"GST has blown me away in how they've served us; I spent the last three years with sleepless nights because of my previous development team.  Their transparency, milestone management and quality are much appreciated-definitely our trusted partner moving forward.

- Eric Schneider, Founder of Patchr

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