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We at GST have been building B2B SaaS products for 20 years, having not only scaled and sold our own companies, but also have served 350 companies in more than 50 industries from Seed stage to Series B stage. These experiences have provided us with a tremendous data set as to both grading the health of R&D organizations and revealing a company's Dev Efficiency Ratio. Similar to a company's Sales Efficiency Ratio, GST's Dev Efficiency Ratio brings to light the degree of 'wheel spinning' within an R&D organization's product development cycle.

Upon your completion of GST's R&D Organizational Health Self Assessment, the answers to your questions will be reviewed by our team within 1-2 business days, by which time we will email you the results along with your current state Dev Efficiency Ratio. This report will include recommendations towards improving your Dev Efficiency Ratio and thus minimizing waste within your R&D organization.

GST offers a variety of services to assist B2B SaaS founders accelerate growth and avert costly mistakes.



 Golden Section Technology brings its team’s 20-year history in B2B SaaS to provide critical insights into your company’s R&D organization. These insights reveal opportunities to increase output while reducing costs and maximizing your valued team members.  We bring an independent expert perspective bolstered by over 300 previous engagements with startup tech companies.     



Golden Section Technology’s Product Management Team plans a recommended course of action for your R&D organization that considers urgency, importance, customer impact and resource optimization. Your Team will capitalize on the benefit of a roadmap that will set expectations for timely output at required quality level and desired expense.  For your Sales team, this predictable output will increase your R&D team’s dependability and accelerate revenue.  



Golden Section Technology’s Project Team works from the established roadmap to articulate specific development initiatives through fully contextualized documentation.  This document package considers User Experience, Business Logic Workflow, Feature List and portrays  Value, Time, Cost, Risks, and Technology Stack implications.  The result will be properly planned focused development completed more quickly and at up to 30% lower cost.   



Golden Section Technology’s Design Team facilitates a one-week product design sprint for your executive team. This effort provides a setting and framework to conceptualize, prototype, test & approve a new product initiative.  Your executive team will be able to make data driven decisions regarding the direction and efficacy of product design with your customer segments.  Confidently invest in your product or avert wasted time and expense from an ill-conceived initiative.  



Golden Section Technology’s Infrastructure Team evaluates & architects cloud hosting environments for security, performance, availability of resources as well as cost profile. Your customers will realize improved user experience with increased security measures and reduced cost profile at scale. Application monitoring and maintenance hosting services will ensure dependable infrastructure for your growing technology and customer base.  



Golden Section Technology’s in-house Development Team Staffing provides your R&D organization with increased velocity from senior development talent directed by the same best in class development processes you affirmed in the R&D Assessment.  Accelerated product delivery, increased development output and reduced quality issues are markers of this strategic partnership.  

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Golden Section Technology’s Venture Partner advises and guides your management team through our B2B SaaS Growth Playbook, consisting of 70+ frameworks for Executive Team, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Success, Vendors & Development. We free up executive team to focus on revenue generating activities, while also advise to avert costly mistakes and capitalize on enterprise customer opportunities.  Increase your growth rate up to 2x through this methodology.    



Golden Section Technology provides capital for R&D to pre-revenue companies through equity exchange. Over the years we have served over 350 companies and have made investments into about 20.   


Venture investment is available to post-revenue B2B SaaS companies according to specific criteria available for review at www.gstvc.com.

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