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  • Your R&D organization is most productive when it's aligned as shown.

  • Your Executive Team provides direction for product development.

  • The Product Roadmap informs Sales efforts and ultimately leads to Customer expansion, via the Customer Support triage and Sales Team feedback loop to your Executive Team.

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B2B SaaS Playbook for Growing in Recessions

Should B2B SaaS founders cut their organizations right now? By analyzing a few key events and evaluating the evidence in the market today, founders can develop a strategy for growing during this crisis. Not only is growth cheaper for most B2B SaaS firms against the backdrop of economic meltdown, but - with the majority of firms following a hunker-down instinct - a growing B2B SaaS firm will compare very favorably against a landscape of stale and stagnant competitors.

Our Global Offices Provide Full Coverage For a 24 Hours Development Cycle

"From our MVP in 2015 to demonstrated Product Market Fit to strategic support with our growth funding, the GST team has been an indispensable partner and resource for System Surveyor."

Christopher Hugman

Co-Founder, System Surveyor

Guiding Innovation
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