Embedded Agile Development Team

Golden Section Technology’s in-house Development Team Staffing provides your R&D organization with increased velocity from senior development talent directed by the same best in class development processes you affirmed in the R&D Assessment. Accelerated product delivery, increased development output and reduced quality issues are markers of this strategic partnership.

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Hit 30% More Milestones At Your Expected Quality With Less Management Effort In The Same Amount Of Time

Your ROI


10% saved in R&D, 5% saved in customer success, and 1% reduced churn = time & money available for Sales and Marketing 

At Work

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  • Clients Come To GST With These Desires 

    ...Do Any Of The Following Resonate?

    • I don’t want to tug-a-war info (babysit/micromanage)

    • I want quality output but I don’t want to pay a premium

    • I need to meet milestones

    • I need transparency and good communication

  • Who We Can Help

    • If your company’s R&D budget is $450K/yr (or about $38K/mo), we can save you $140K/yr w/o any loss in output

    • GST serves you with the communication, transparency, and benefit of an in-house team at 30% less of a cost. 

  • Product Technical Roadmap Considerations

    • …if you’re spending $450K/yr and at 3 FTE, we can save you 30% guaranteed (this would be through both our consulting and staffing services)

    • ...if you’re spending $450K/yr and at >3 FTE we can save you even more by refining personnel engagement through our Consulting services

    • ...if you’re spending $450K/yr, at >3 FTE and are experiencing any of the aforementioned  desires / pain-points, we can supercharge your output, eliminate your headaches and reduce your expenses



"As an entrepreneur, I need to have a partner who understands my vision, not just a digital order taker. GST has exceeded my expectations, going far beyond what I needed to build my technology, providing tools and people to help grow my business rapidly.

- Charles Turner, Founder of Kare

Guiding Innovation
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