Precision Project Scoping at Any Stage of Your Dev Cycle

Streamlined SaaS development requires solid strategy. Our Discovery process provides fully contextualized documentation considering marketing strategy, tech infrastructure, user experience, business logic workflow, necessary features, KPIs, and more as well as portraying value, time, cost, and risks assessment.

Save $100K+ in Your First 3 Years

Startup founders with a properly contextualized product vision see considerable cost savings by engaging in a customer-centric development effort. No more 'chasing the tail' waste of valuable capital.

Is a Discovery Phase Right For You? The Short Answer is, Yes.
For Startups With a Great Idea

Starting with a discovery phase will clarify your business goals and develop a project plan and UX/UI concepts to  help you build the stellar MVP of your dreams faster and easier.

For Established Businesses Ready to Optimize

Our Discovery phase will reveal potential points of friction and propose best in class processes, tech, and teams, setting you up with initial documentation, project requirements, tech stack recommendations, and cost estimation to guide you while you scale.

Your Discovery Document Package Includes:

Feature List

UX Mockups


Competitive Landscape

Code Assessment

Workflow Diagrams


User Testing

Tech Stack

Team Size

Risk Assessment

Project Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Discovery a necessary step before having GST start coding?

The bottom line: Discovery sets expectations around how long your initial development plan will take and how much it will cost. Beyond this, we help you understand what your software will look like, what it will be made of, and how big of a team and which skill sets will be needed to accomplish your near-term goals. We also help you think more deeply about your customer and the market you're addressing as a whole.

If I already have some of the deliverables noted in the Discovery engagement, can you reduce the cost?

GST's Discovery is the minimum price for packaged service. We can consider providing additional deliverables or discuss a credit towards your development engagement.

How much should I expect to spend on developing a new idea into dependable customer-facing technology?

The simple answer is that it will always cost you more than you have budgeted. That's the nature of software, especially in the B2B SaaS world. Our job at GST is to guide you towards maximizing your ROI for the best feature or module to build next. A good rule of thumb is that you should expect to explore your idea for $10K, fund your MVP for $100-$150K, get customer feedback and maintain your MVP for $50K, and then do customer requested additional development for another $50-$100K all within the first 12 months.

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