Development Organization Assessment 

Golden Section Technology brings its team’s 20 years of history in B2B SaaS to provide critical insights into the R&D organizations of your R&D organization of your company. These insights, across your portfolio, provide your team with assurance that the technology is benchmarked for scalability. We bring an independent expert perspective bolstered by over 300 previous engagements with tech companies in 55+ industries.

What Would It Mean To Your Portfolio To Increase Growth Rate By 30% Without Any Additional Investment?

Your ROI


De-risk your investment 

Financial Reports

Streamline your portfolio R&D budgets to direct funds into Sales & Marketing 

Analysing Data

Reveal opportunities for follow-on investment 


Realize portfolio R&D operational continuity


We reveal areas of improvement to get more out of your portfolio companies’ R&D budgets


We grade Security, Performance, Maintainability, and Cost Profile at Scale

Operational Efficiency

We recommend improvements in process to streamline existing personnel utilization 


We surface & prioritize critical deficiencies that present risks to your Investment

Areas of insights include:

  • Development Processes
  • Personnel KPIs
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Code & Database
  •  Microservice Architecture 
  • Platforms
  • Technology Stacks
  • Project Management Systems


"GST quickly assessed our product and management processes for setting development priorities. I was able to cut my development expenses while improving R&D productivity and focus my team on generating revenue.

- Jonathan Murray, Serial Entrepreneur, VC & CEO of B2B SaaS Company

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