The Playbook 


The COVID-19 is creating a sense of urgency in businesses making everyone want to get their questions answered right now. GST has been guiding businesses through these decisions time after time and we’re not going throw 100 things at you, but will share what’s the next best step. 


In this economic time of uncertainty, many businesses are offering their services to help businesses like yours. In the past, GST has a utilized a series of proven “plays” to optimize a company's operational efficiency. For the next three weeks, we are going to highlight “plays” that we believe will truly make an impact in these uncertain times. 


We are opening up our playbook to start the conversation. Since our opening in 2011, when have seen that best solutions are often found with a second opinion and outside perspective. We want to be that unbiased voice that answers questions that you may be unused to answering like “how to handle tough conversations,” “how to handle refund requests from clients,” or “how to create a churn identification plan.” 


By starting the conversation, we can open new avenues that may have previously gone unnoticed. Most of our team have experienced an economic downturn and come out on top afterwards. Our combined knowledge and wisdom in these situations will be made available to your company along with our series of “plays” from our own playbook. 


For detailed information about our playbook, connect with our Venture Partner. Our goal is to help your business come out on top, let us be the guide that helps that success. 

"From our MVP in 2015 to demonstrated Product Market Fit to strategic support with our growth funding, the GST team has been an indispensable partner and resource for System Surveyor."


Christopher Hugman

Co-Founder, System Surveyor