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March 30, 2020: GST commits up to $1M of in kind Software Services Grants



Grants Committed To Date

Golden Section Technology is offering a $1M COVID-19 Relief Plan for those addressing COVID-19 challenges.  This initial plan will extend through June 30, 2020. GST will commit up to $1M of in kind development grants through R&D Software services.  This $1M in grants will be realized by your company through discounted and extended payment terms for quickly on-ramped services to bolster your development capacity.


Our goal is to help your company maintain business continuity by supporting existing development needs. We have unique experience in healthcare, clinical documentation, telemedicine, big data, and a variety of other areas that are well suited to confront the COVID-19 outbreak. 


We recognize that the health toll as well as the market impact is an ongoing severe situation. COVID-19 is a clear and present danger to many of our families and business efforts. As this pandemic has been running through China, Spain, and now the US, we have made note of the resilience of each of our offices in these countries and have also observed that one of the keys to our business continuity is our distributed and remote teams. This puts us in a unique position to be able to offer assistance to any of you who are faced with difficult decisions with maintaining your current technology due to reduced ability to support ongoing development efforts. We want your company to succeed. Our goal is to give you access to the right tools and teams to maintain control of your daily operations without delay from the COVID-19. 


Should this current market environment require you to reduce you R&D line item expense, you can qualify for our COVID-19 Plan. Our support can provide FTE development teams ranging from 1 person to teams of 10+ people. Our team will contribute to your services quickly, comprehensively, and with the highest level of quality. Payment with discounted rates start from the $20s/hr at terms of 60+ days. Pricing may vary depending services needed. 

Contact us now if your company has been impacted by COVID-19.

What We Offer


You’ll have access to specialized teams to meet your new requirements and build on existing capacity. We have teams ranging from 2-10 people to meet with your immediate needs.   

Discounted Rates and Payment Plans

We are offering special discounted rates and extended payment plans for companies directly affected by the COVID-19. Contact a Team Member for more details about our service plan.  


Do not fear a delay. Our teams of senior developers are able to ramp up extremely fast for new projects. Giving you timely updates and disciplined, product delivery.  


With over 170 clients served since 2012 and over 60 years of executive experience in tech companies, GST’s C-suite guidance can help you with the growth of your company during this time.   


 At GST, we have a proven record of stepping into complex technical and operational environments to improve profitability, optimize cost structures and maintain strategic growth. 

Executive Guidance 

We supply full C-Suite guidance, strategic, strategic tech leadership, as well as augmentative development resources. Including CFO; COO; CTO; CMO; and CSO. 

If you are interested in our COVID-19 plan, please fill out COVID-19 Grant Application Form here.

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