Golden Section Technology has partnered with 20 companies in the last 10 years through in-kind R&D equity investment.  This alignment has enabled our portfolio of customers to increase their growth rate through reallocation of R&D budget into Sales & Marketing.  Companies who are selected for in-kind R&D equity investment gain privileged access to our executive team and broader ongoing advisory support which is not available through other GST service lines.  


Our sister company, Golden Section Venture Capital provides cash investments for qualifying post-revenue B2B Saas companies: learn more at

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Realize unparalleled capital and strategic support!

Your ROI


Improved capital efficiency of up to 300% 


Increased focus on growing Revenue instead of continually raising capital

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Preserve founder control and increase runway


Our History

We have invested $8MM in Seed Stage B2B SaaS Companies over the past 10 years and plan to invest $20MM over the next 5 years. 

With over 350 clients served since 2011 and over 60 years of executive experience in growing B2B SaaS tech companies, GST’s C-suite guidance can help position your company to accelerate and achieve predictable revenue growth of your company.

Who we are looking for

TARGET B2B Enterprise SaaS companies 

SIZE Investment round of $500K+ 

STAGE Annual revenue run rate of $250K+ 

OWNERSHIP Entrepreneurs (all co-founders) who want to retain 70%+ of their business 

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