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Global Offices Leadership

Jinan, China

Aberdeen, Scotland

Houston, TX

Seville, Spain

Guadalajara,  Mexico

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Adam Wells


Isaac Shi

Co-Founder & President

Dougal Cameron

Co-Founder & Chairman

Shanyi Zhao

Senior UX Designer

Trey Flores

Technology Advisor & Sales

Krista Bobo


Shiguang Lu

Project Manager / Technical Team Lead

Yun Qu

UX Designer

Yongjie Liu

Project Manager / Technical Team Lead

Bing Che

Project Manager / Technical Team Lead

Raymond Gray

Director at GSV-UK

Finlay Cran

Director at GSV-UK

Hiedra Castillo

Project Manager

Lauren Bahorich

Venture Partner

Roberto Campoy

Business Analyst

Guiding Innovation

 Houston, TX | Aberdeen, Scotland | Seville, Spain | Jinan, China | Guadalajara, Mexico 


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